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Doran 360M™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles

Get The Most Out Of Your Investment In Tires

Under-inflation of tires is the #1 factor leading to an imperfect ride. Over 85% of all motorcycle tires checked have pressures that are too low. Unless your tire gauge has been properly calibrated, you are likely to get inaccurate pressure readings - sometimes as much as +/- 5psi! Don't risk not getting the maximum life out of your tires and ensuring the perfect ride by not maintaining proper tire pressure.

Multiple Options For System Installation

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Other tire pressure monitoring systems for motorcycles are difficult and expensive to install. The Doran 360M™ was designed for easy installation with multiple mounting options for both the monitor and wireless tire pressure sensors.

The waterproof tire pressure monitor features a large LCD screen that provides a digital readout of each tire's pressure. The monitor runs off of a 12volt power supply, with a simple two wire installation.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Should a 12.5% loss in baseline tire pressure (programmable to your specific tires) occur, a red light warning will illuminate, and the screen will display which tire is losing pressure. Should pressure continue to fall to 25% below baseline pressure, an additional low pressure warning will occur. Once tires are inflated to their proper pressure, the warnings will disappear, and the system will return to normal operation.

The Doran 360M™ includes everything necessary to mount the monitor anywhere on the motorcycle - on the handlebars, frame, or even under the seat! If the monitor is mounted in a location that is not visible while riding, the remote warning light can be mounted in an area that is visible. When a low pressure situation occurs, the warning light illuminates, notifying the driver to pull over and reference the monitor for specific tire pressure warning information.

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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

Wireless sensors can be screwed onto the end of the valve stems replacing the existing valve caps. Using the included, patent-pending Doran valve stems, sensors can also be installed inside the rim.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

The Doran sensors transmit RF signals to the monitor, providing an accurate, digital display of the actual pressure in each tire. Sensors are tested using SAE methods for temperature, vibration, and chemical / water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility. The durability of the Doran 360M™ tire pressure monitoring system for motorcycles is unmatched!